Our Corporate values... 

Honesty - Honesty and integrity in all of our business dealings, both inside and outside Creative Activity, are the cornerstones of our business. 

Competency - We endeavour to encourage, develop and maintain the highest levels of professional expertise in every employee to ensure excellence in all aspects of the products and services we provide. 

Profitability - We are devoted to thoughtful planning and responsive management in all sectors of the company to ensure Creative Activity’s ongoing financial success. 

Customer Service - We strive to develop a thorough understanding of the unique needs of every client and to offer and deliver top quality products that fully meet those needs. 

Employment - We are committed to the growth and development of all of our employees and to ensuring their success and future within Creative Activity. 

Community - We are dedicated to supporting charitable endeavours and to putting our resources to work for the betterment of the community and the environment. 

Vision – We are committed to keeping our eyes trained on the future and to encourage the sharing of new ideas among all of our employees.