Enable children to develop their health & wellbeing skills.

Teaching children about the best ways to take care of themselves so that they stay healthy, physically and mentally, is a really important job. Our PSHE resources cover health and wellbeing, mental health, emotions and much more.

100% Attendance Stickers
These fantastic stickers are brilliant for rewarding those pupils who have achieved perfect attendan..
10mm Gold Star Sticker Set 720pk
A lovely selection of gold stars with smiley faces.Metallic finish...
Active Emotion and Feelings Pack
A fun kit to help children explore and discuss their own and others? feelings and emotions, by encou..
All About Families Books 12pk
Encourage your pupils to explore a variety of families and discuss similarities and differences to t..
Animal Praise Stickers Round 25mm
A great selection of designs including: brilliant, good work, great work, great and very good.Suppli..
Anti-bullying Poster 3pk
A set of posters about bullying.Includes: The Facts Poster, The Myths Poster and Don't Be A Victim P..
Assisted Work Stamp Stack
Four really useful messages in one handy, pre-inked stack.Messages are: Independent Work, Teacher As..
Assorted Motivational Reward Stickers 1149pk
This GIANT sticker pack contains everything you need to reward children for good behaviour, an essen..
Assorted Praise and Mini Star Stickers
A MEGA sticker pack containing mixed sizes, perfect for rewarding children of all ages.Mixture of co..
Assorted Praise Stickers 2070pk
Bumper pack of stickers, suitable for rewarding children in all situations.A fantastic pack of PSHE ..
Assorted Sparkly Certificates 120pk
Extra special general rewards that can be used across the curriculum.Messages include: 100% Attendan..
Assorted Sparkly Praise Stickers
A bumper pack of beautiful sparkly stickers that children will love to get their hands on.The sticke..
Assorted Star Stickers
Use these star shaped stickers to reward your pupils for good work and good behaviour.As they have n..
Beareavement and loss Book Pack
Using stories and activities can be a really good way to explore issues with children who are experi..
Big Feelings Pineapple?
The Big Feelings Pineapple helps preschool children learn about how emotions and facial expressions ..
British Values Board Games 5pk
A set of games to promote fundamental British Values.These games will teach the values of democracy,..
British Values Poster Set 4pk
A set of posters to teach and promote the four fundamental British Values.Include information on Dem..
Buddy Stop Playground Sign With Stand
Help the children in your school make friends during break times.Older children should ensure anyone..
Buddy Stop Playground Sign Without Stand
Help the children in your school make friends during break times.Older children should ensure anyone..
Budget Range Sticker Pack
Great value, single colour designs.Includes captions: brilliant, well done, very good etc...
Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Game
A game designed to raise a child's awareness of bullying and how it feels to be bullied.It encourage..
Circle Time Bag
A multi-purpose reversible bag with a ??? on one side and ?Worries and Wonders? written on the rever..
Colourful Minds Wellbeing Book Pack
Our minds are full of colour. In fact, they're kind of like a BIG, beautiful rainbow of emotions.Som..
Conflict Resolution Activity Cards In A Box 200pk
The aim of this box is to teach children peaceful and productive ways of dealing with conflicts and ..
Conversation Starter Cards 250pk
These cards sets are a fun way to spark a conversation with your pupils.Topics include Friends and C..
Early Years Bumper Sticker Pack
Encourage and reward positive behaviour with these fun character illustrated stickers.Will liven up ..
Eco School Badge 10pk
Great for encouraging eco-awareness.Green with gold lettering...
Emoji Wellbeing Cubes
Develop social and emotional skills with these brightly coloured cubes.Images and prompts will encou..
Emotion Faces Bean Bags
Help children to understand facial expressions while developing gross motor skills and coordination ..
Emotion Faces Mats
A set of visually stimulating, double sided spots, showing fun representations of emotions, with the..
Emotions and Facial Expressions Fans
These character fans are a simple way for children to express how they are feeling emotionally, or t..
Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart
The Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart is an innovative way for children to identify and express fee..
Faces and Animals Praise Stickers
This sticker pack is full of bright and colourful sticker designs, perfect for praising and rewardin..
Family Finger Puppets
Beautifully designed, life-like and fun finger puppets featuring boys, girls, dads and mums.Perfect ..
Feel Good Friends Team Board Game
This is a non-competitive team game, helping children to become familiar with feelings, emotions and..
Feelings Kit
A kit to help educate children on different types of feelings.Children will be able to use the conte..
Feelings Wall Mirror
Plastic mirror featuring six cartoon animals with associated emotions.Includes a photocopiable bookl..
Female Reproductive Organ Display Vest
A great resource when beginning discussion about reproduction and the human body at KS2.The main com..
Friendship Stop Playground Sign Wall Mountable
A focal point for playground pals to meet by and ensure that all children have a positive playground..
Friendship Stop Playground Sign With Stand
A focal point for playground pals to meet by and ensure that all children have a positive playground..
Gold Silver Bronze Award Badges
Perfect set of mixed award badges in a shiny finish.Great for sports day prizes, but could also be u..
Gold Silver Bronze Award Enamel Badges
A combination pack of enamel badges for that extra special reward.Perfect for sports day or as an en..
Gold Silver Bronze Rosette Stickers
These rosette-shaped stickers are a great way to celebrate success in your classroom or sports day.I..
Have a Great Summer Holiday Badges
These pin badges will make a perfect end of year gift.Children will love the smiley star character a..
Health Risk Poster Set 3pk
Three detailed and colourful posters outlining the health risks involved in smoking, poor diet, lack..
Healthy Food Matching Pairs Game
This set of cards are printed with real life photos of different healthy foods.Photos include a vari..
Healthy Minds Children's Book Pack
This informative and supportive series explores in detail some common mental health issues affecting..
House Colour Badges 40pk
Great for rewards or for splitting your class or school into teams!Why not reward you star pupils wi..
KS1 British Values Books 12pk
These packs contain both fiction and non-fiction stories with topics including right and wrong and t..
KS1 Feelings Books 8pk
Books to help you teach your pupils about feelings and emotions.Help young readers identify their em..
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